What's on in the library?

Just a quick update to let you know all the fabulous things that are happening in our college library!!

What's on in the library?
The library is open each day from 1.10-1.40 at lunch time, and students are able to play games, dress ups, chess and more. Felicity recently organised an excursion for come keen chess players to attend an inter-school tournament after their lunchtime chess playing!! We have multiple clubs and student groups that operate in the library building too, including Student Voice, our student leadership group, and Grade 5/6 leader run activities such as art club, ICT club and Minecraft club.

In junior primary library periods, students have been read books together that are about similar topics or explore key vocabulary that students have been learning in their literacy/English classes. We've also been reading books about the important holidays that we have had recently including ANZAC day and Mother's Day, and then completing fun craft activities afterwards. We have a beautiful new dress up box that students have been enjoying rustling through and students get the opportunity to play games, getting creative painting and crafting with stickers, buttons, glitter and more in their independent library time!! 

Library books
Primary students are given the opportunity to borrow library books for the classroom or home each week and secondaries have the opportunity to borrow in English. There is so much research for that shows shared reading young students helps to develop students' vocabularies and comprehension of text, while regular reading, for older students, has the same effect. I encourage you to remind your child to borrow a book or two each week to read together. Please support your child to remember to return library books when they have finished reading them so that they can borrow new ones to share with you or other family members.

Community Library & Book Club
Our school library is a community library that library that is open to members of the public and families after school from 3.30-5pm every Tuesday during term time. Families are welcome to come in to the library with children to enjoy the beautiful space and read together and play games! We also have a community book club that runs from 5-6pm once a month. You can join the chat to stay in the loop here.

Book Fair
The Book Fair is now open daily in the library from 1-1.50pm during lunchtime for students to browse and make purchases. You can also drop in from 3.30-5pm during community library hours with your child to make a purchase. EFTPOS is available.
As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We welcome your feedback!!

Florence Roney
Library Coordinator